Our journey towards reliable visibility

We delivered sustainable business value and customer satisfaction by growing a strong change agent team in sales, distribution planning, customer service and logistics operations.

Dear all,

For those who do not know me yet… I am ViPCO! 🙂 The Vi-P Communicator! Vi-P stands for Visibility Project or Very Important Project. Over the past years it was one of the top 3 tactical projects within Bridgestone Europe, a subsidiary of the world’s number one tire manufacturer. Vi-P was born to create service excellence by improving the reliability and visibility on the end-to-end supply chain.

During the entire project, I was an active change agent in the whole supply chain and sales community. I was there from the beginning of the journey during different transformation phases. Now, let me guide you through this amazing change journey…

Project Scope

Vi-P addressed all aspects of a transformation: process definition, system implementation, changes in the organizational set-up and its people in order to come to a new harmonized ecosystem.

In a first phase a new Distribution Requirements Planning has been put in place, to create internal supply chain visibility towards the markets & to create reliable stock transfer orders in a fair share way.

The second phase addressed the Order-Promise process, with as main objective to promise supply to our customers taking into account inbounds to Regional Distribution Centers based on planned production.

One joint mission: reliable visibility!

“I’m a local distribution planner and moved from a reactive to a proactive way of managing replenishment towards our Regional Distribution Centers (RDC).”

“As transport planners, we significantly improved timely execution of stock movements from manufacturing sites to RDCs.”

“In customer service, we have now enriched the information we provide to our customers and are able to access it via our new order entry system”.

“As production planner, I now have visibility on which part of the production is serving customer orders, assuring those SKU’s have first priority.”

You are a VIP in Vi-P!

850 people along the supply chain and sales organization were mobilized, spread over more than 18 countries.

From regional customer service, planning, operations and sales to production planning and scheduling – all those stakeholders had to change their way of working or abandon many historically grown habits in order to achieve reliable end-to-end visibility

Consequently, a high focus was put on change management. A solid impact assessment at the beginning and a resulting transformation plan made sure every impacted person knew that he or she was a “VIP in Vi-P!”.

Transformation with our MOUNTK methodology

Building a Fully Integrated Change Organisation

A project team just can’t do it on their own. They need the help of a strong team across all stakeholder groups and countries in order to help all the impacted people to get ready for the changes to come. Clear roles were defined (Change Sponsor, Change Agent, Key User), and for each of the roles, people were assigned centrally and locally.

At the beginning of the project, everyone part of the Visibility Change Organisation was gathered on the Vi-P Journey Kick-Off to align on the “why, how, what and when” of the changes.

Measure the Soft Side of Change

From A to D to K to A to R! ADKAR is a tool promoted by PROSCI to measure individual change. As everyone goes through a change journey at its own pace. We wanted a clear view on how ready people actually were to go through the transformation. At regular times, we distributed a questionnaire to all people involved to capture the individual ADKAR results.

The results were input to our transformation charter. Actions were taken where needed, e.g. a “road show” where the project team and change agents traveled to each region to clarify and stress the impact of the project on our customers and sales colleagues.


Vi-P has delivered measurable results ahead of the initial project schedule, within project budget and surpassing the initial business case expectations.

The project delivered substantial contribution to the company’s net result by increasing sales, reducing logistic transport & handling costs and reducing inventory.

A big thank you to everyone involved in this amazing journey! The project won the prestigious Supply Chain Award – Project of the Year 2016!

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