A clear horizon enables you to take the right decisions

We re-structured a top pharmaceutical company planning process


In a worldwide pharmaceutical environment we integrated an enterprise wide End-To-End planning from Production Site Planning through the Monthly Planning Cycle which enabled the company to act decisively in an up to 3 years planning horizon.

Client profile

Healthcare company that researches and develops pharmaceuticals, vaccines and consumer healthcare products. The company operates in two segments: Pharmaceuticals and Vaccines, and Consumer Healthcare.


Our client challenge was to deliver accurate operations planning data by coping with imprecise former integration. It was also the opportunity to have a clear view on overlapping processes and to re-arrange unsustainable meeting framework.


We firstly performed a process assessment and a process redesign. The output of the analyze allowed the project manager to implement recommendation. Transversal communication, trial running, training and gradual implementation were key during the whole project.
Team expertise and work made this project a success.


In a limited amount of time, our client was able to revise his operating structure for monthly planning and quarterly reporting. A list of non-value added activities was identified and a actions took place in order to eliminate the biggest non-value added activities.
We left the project making sure a clear process roles & responsibilities matrix was established and running as well as oiled communication & integration platforms.

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