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“The times they are a-changin’”… in the chemical industry. Time for action!

The 2016 winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature may have written this epic song some 50 years ago, but today it most certainly applies to the chemical industry. This industry has outperformed almost every other sector in terms of growth, profitability and overall financial performance over the last decade. Oh yes, it’s been a great industry to be in. But the tide is turning…

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IBP: How To Stop Inefficient Use Of Expensive Resources?

Are you coordinating your strategic plans in a departmental view? Do you believe there is more potential in horizontal alignment? Do you want to optimise your forward looking EBITDA on a regular basis? Or are you already convinced of S&OP planning, but believe there is even more potential? Then keep on reading! Together with one of our customers, we, at bluecrux implemented an IBP or Integrated Business Planning process.

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Blog 13

Forecasts Are Always Wrong! So Why Should We Bother?

Even APICS says so: Forecasts can never be 100% correct. (Unless you are really lucky, but that wouldn’t last forever, would it?) Might that be the reason why companies are often confronted with poor forecasts – because they accept the idea that they can never be correct anyway? Read further to find out what the operational impact of poor forecasts can be – and what aspects you can work on to improve those forecasts.

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Lights out

Lights-Out Planning – The First Building Block Builds on Industry 4.0

Many companies are interested in understanding the concepts of “Industry 4.0”. In addition, they are eager to know how those concepts could help them to transform. Nevertheless, why is there no vision on Supply Chain 4.0? The same question occurred to Lora Cecere, the founder of Supply Chain Insight, and she reflects on this in her recent blog “Time for Value Chain 4.0?”

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