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Meeting Of Minds

“Sharing is the new owning.” At bluecrux we strongly believe in this credo. Therefore, we organize frequent co-creation sessions (hosted in our own offices in Mechelen or Aalst) where different minds can meet to share knowledge, to share experience and to develop new insights and ideas. Various ‘hot topics’ in the world of Supply Chain and Operations are typically on the menu.

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The Number 1 Reason Why Your Operational Excellence Project Might Fail

At a given moment in time, almost all successful manufacturing plants and warehouses indulge themselves in an operational excellence program. Whether it be a formal, consultant-guided lean journey or a self-conducted action plan towards more efficiency, companies feel the urge to improve and innovate to keep up with an ever-changing world.

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The Four Heart Attacks Your Supply Chain Lead Should Survive When Facing Anti-Counterfeit Regulations

With the emergence throughout the last decades of thefts, counterfeit medicines and parallel trades within the pharmaceutical sector, the publication of anti-counterfeit regulations throughout countries/regions has been well received within the healthcare sector.
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Uber for Transport Companies: How Collaboration Can End Your Low Transport Efficiency Levels!

Many companies that transport via roads are too small in scale. This leads to low transport efficiency levels. In Europe, 24% of trucks run empty, or are on average only loaded at 57% of their maximum gross weight. This offers us a significant playing field for cost improvement. If we know that 23% of the European transport greenhouse-gas emissions originate from trucks, that gives us significant improvement miles ahead for our battle against global warming.
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Industry 4.0: Trends That Will Reshape the Way Things Are Made? Or Just a Flashy Catchphrase?

Will the powerful emerging currents, such as big data, advanced analytics, human–machine interfaces and digital-to-physical transfer, reach their unmistakably high potential and cause a fourth major upheaval in modern manufacturing? According to Cornelius Baur (director at McKinsey Munich) and Dominic Wee (partner at McKinsey Munich) this might be too much too say, but in any case, Industry 4.0 is a force to be reckoned with.

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3PL is Crossing the Boundaries of Mere Logistics

As more and more companies were making budget control and cost reduction two of their yearly targets, the golden age of 3PL (3rd Party Logistics) began. They could profile themselves as Supply-Chain Management professionals, which was music to the ears of companies in desperate need of reducing their distribution costs. As a new market was born, competition in the 3PL market arose. As always in business, cost cutting gets harder the further you evolve on the 3PL market. So then it all comes down to choosing, developing and selling a competitive advantage.

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Improved Agility is Key for Your Supply-Chain Excellence

An agile supply chain must be responsive to actual demand, and capable of using information as a substitute (to some degree) for inventory through collaboration and integration with key customers and suppliers.

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