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Our experience from the LogiPharma event

Last April, bluecrux attented LogiPharma, the largest global event bringing together supply chain professionals from top pharma companies. To be honest, we were amazed by the open, honest and constructive atmosphere that ran through all the sessions. In the light of that openness, we, on our turn, gladly share the 2 takeaways that resonated most with our interlocutors. 

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3 must-dos when you have to tear down silos

Admit it. Trying to bring about change over several departments within a company is… well, erm, hard work. Because in many companies they suddenly appear: those “silos” or invisible boundaries in between departments. If you want to take them down, these 3 tips will take you further than any helmet or sledgehammer.

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The Four Heart Attacks Your Supply Chain Lead Should Survive When Facing Anti-Counterfeit Regulations

With the emergence throughout the last decades of thefts, counterfeit medicines and parallel trades within the pharmaceutical sector, the publication of anti-counterfeit regulations throughout countries/regions has been well received within the healthcare sector.
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Industry 4.0: Trends That Will Reshape the Way Things Are Made? Or Just a Flashy Catchphrase?

Will the powerful emerging currents, such as big data, advanced analytics, human–machine interfaces and digital-to-physical transfer, reach their unmistakably high potential and cause a fourth major upheaval in modern manufacturing? According to Cornelius Baur (director at McKinsey Munich) and Dominic Wee (partner at McKinsey Munich) this might be too much too say, but in any case, Industry 4.0 is a force to be reckoned with.

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Improved Agility is Key for Your Supply-Chain Excellence

An agile supply chain must be responsive to actual demand, and capable of using information as a substitute (to some degree) for inventory through collaboration and integration with key customers and suppliers.

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