about bluecrux

who we are

We are talented, experienced consultants with a passion for supply chain & operations.

We represent a new way of doing business consultancy, based on a unique combination of personal commitment, a customer- focused attitude, and a hands-on mentality.

From concept, to implementation and beyond, we go for durable change and sustainable business transformation.

what we do

We shape your processes, your organisation, your people and your IT into one coherent, cohesive and sustainable entity.

At bluecrux, improving your performance on the long run is our drive and ambition.

how we work

We do not believe in hit-and-run strategies. Instead, we build strong partnerships with our clients that create shared value.

We collaborate and share experience. During each project we team-up with you and your internal organization. Only by working closely together, we can have real and lasting impact.

That’s what makes us the perfect long term partner for various leading enterprises (check out our current client base).

our DNA

  • Consultancy with a smile, not with a tie
  • Deliver top quality, core to customer intimacy
  • Learning, training, knowledge, content
  • Intrapreneurship, ownership
  • Natural leadership above hierarchy
  • Hard work, but fun

Business consultants with a hands-on mentality